November 7, 2016

It’s been busy at work and I was out of town last weekend, so did not do anything until today.

I’ve installed the electric fire, connecting it to the electrical tape I ran behind the fireplace. Below is a photo. As you can see, the electric is connected but the inside surface of the fireplace has not been installed:


The other thing I did tonight was cut the mantelpiece and stain it to match the hearth. It is drying, so I did not install it tonight. Also, I need to fill the larger spaces between the fireplace stones with “mortar” before I install the mantel. It would probably be easier to install the paper lining of the firebox before I install the mantel, as well!

I’ve been rooting around over at:

Pepper’s posts give me good ideas and her links help me pick up even more lovely ideas. I am now inspired to make my living room lamps. I purchased lampshades and bases from Shapeways for the bedroom lamps, but I hadn’t found any I like for the living room. Because she is in the UK, one of her suppliers for lampshade parts wasn’t going to work for me, but a bit of googling found me a US supplier of basically the same part. And what a great idea it is to deal with how to fasten the lampshade to the base! In the future, you’ll get to see the final product.