April 17, 2016:

Well I got the grouting done in the foyer! I went with a medium gray grout and I think it looks great! Here it is:


Then I started work on the window frames. I need to interior and exterior framing for each window. I cut most of the frames for one side (exterior only), and started cutting the acrylic (not too happy about the acrylic cutting, need to work out a better solution than the tool I’ve been using) for the “glass” panes. I ran out of the wood pieces I need to finish the windows. Hobby Lobby should have more stock by Thursday. I could order it but it takes longer than Thursday to get here. Not available on Amazon Prime!

Today I stained the frame pieces. Here you can see them, stuck into a piece of foam insulation board, using straight pins. I used walnut stain for the exterior pieces:


I also bought wood pieces so that I can start the stairs. Once the ceiling in the foyer is installed, including the can lights, I will probably start the stairs.