April 11, 2016

Yesterday I was able to spend enough time on the mini house to actually get the floor tile in the foyer laid! Lots of little hand cut “granite” tiles (actually vinyl tile) laid out in running bond pattern. I used a piece of the tile as a spacer for the grout lines. Now all I have to do is grout the flooring.

I have to google what kind of colorant to use to darken the grout I have, or maybe I’ll just use the medium dark grey that I have. I’d kind of like a black grout. I’ll doodle around with it until I make up my mind…

Here’s a photo of the flooring stuck down (self stick tile) ready to grout:


I also spent some time “choosing appliances”, LOL! This means I went to an appliance website and found a fridge, stove and dishwasher that I like and saved photos, resizing them to “actual size”. I will use them to make my own appliances for my kitchen.

I also spent some time researching proportions for cabinetry; standard heights, depths, widths, and looking at kitchen photos to pick out my design. I really want the proportions of the kitchen to be correct, as it will look more realistic. Proportion is very important in art, and miniaturization is an art.

I watched videos of people building things out of foam core board, because I’ve pretty much decided this is what I am making my kitchen cabinetry out of. I may do the one wall of base cabinets and then see what I think. I might change my mind and use chunks of wood instead. We’ll see. Basically Marion Russek’s foam board kitchen inspired me. I’d like to see if I can pull off something similar though I am probably going to do a wood veneer facing on the cabinetry. Hers is a beautiful, simple white. I really love her work! It is super realistic, and the design is awesome. I’m a fan, for sure! And I really love to see the process of someone putting minis together. It’s addictive.

That’s all for tonight. Grouting the floor will be next. Then what? More floor installation or windows? We’ll see…