April 3, 2016

I’ve been continuing work on the electrical for the mini house. I’ve had to wait for a while as I ran out of electrical tape wire and I had to order more. It has arrived and I’ll probably finish the electrical tape wire installation tomorrow.

While waiting, I started cutting up one of my 12 x 24 granite look vinyl tiles into 1 inch by 2 inch “tiles” for the foyer floor. It will be glued in place and then grouted and I think it will look pretty real. I have some electrical tape wire which is being applied onto the subfloor of the house, so I can’t start installing the house flooring until the electrical tape wire is all done.

Cutting up the tiles is rather tedious. I feel like I am doing interminable food prep for a large meal. Slice and dice! Stacks of little pieces of tile. Here’s a picture of the stacks so you can see what I mean:


I think I am pretty close to moving the house inside my own home (rather than the garage) for the finish work. But before I can do that, I have to fill in and sand the window openings and then install the window frames and plexiglass. I may also go ahead and install the fireplace stone before I bring the house inside.

I ordered an electrical log fire set to put in the fireplace, so I have tape wire going behind the fireplace.

Oh, and I ordered the bathtub from Marion Russek’s Shapeways shop, this one (so beautiful):

Russek Badewane bathtub

I got some tiny LED lights for my “can lights” in the ceilings of the house. They will be in all rooms so there are a lot of them. I found a great website for these, and they have a great installation tutorial, see this link: modeltrainstoftware.com. I had to purchase eyelets for the “cans” elsewhere, however.