March 22, 2016

Tonight I worked on the electrical wiring installation. The next several posts may be mostly about this because it is a large house with a lot of lights and it will take some time, which I don’t have much of, to complete this.

I have discovered that it is quite awkward getting the electrical tape placed, because the angles are hard to reach. My mini house is rather deep, about 19 inches, so it is hard to reach towards the back of the rooms, especially on the ceilings.

The house will have a lot of can lights in the ceiling, and further there will be vanity lights in the bathroom, lamps in the bedroom and living room, pendant lights above the kitchen island, led under cabinet lighting and a chandelier in the dining area. This is why I had to get a larger transformer than the one which came with the kit I got. Not to mention extra tape and eyelets!

I am still unsure how I will make the kitchen pendant lights, because I will have to make them. I’ve looked all over the internet and there is nothing pre-made that will work for the modern style of this house. I may purchase something I can hack, or I may start from scratch. We’ll see.

Anyway, plenty of work to do!