March 16, 2016

Over the last few days I have finished the stairs mockup, made out of foam core. This was a test run before I make the stairs out of wood, to help with sizing and fitting. Here is a picture of the mockup on its side before placing it:


I glued this together and then used sewing straight pins as “nails” to hold it together.

This is what it looks like being held in place. I learned from this that a. it is going to be hard to make the stairs straight and b. as expected I am going to need to add a tread even allowing for installed flooring thickness.


Despite the fact that this is tricky, I am rather excited about it! I think it will look pretty cool once it is done!

I also worked on the electrical. Here you can see the first interior portions of the Cir-Kit electrical tape placed in the foyer:


It is to the lower left in the photo.

I’ve also gotten some adorable miniature items as follows:

Loon print songmountainart

This is a loon print from songmountainfineart on Her work is lovely! This is going above the dresser in the bedroom.

A really beautiful tiny bowl from the UK:


Also from, Madebymanos, it is thin and shapely and looks gorgeous filled with some paper flowers also from Etsy.

And here are some more beautiful miniature flowers, again – Etsy!


And the link for this store is: Carverscuttings, and they make lovely stuff.

For now, good night!