February 28, 2016:

In the past few days I’ve gotten some work done on the house. I cut the window openings for the bedroom, and I started making the stairs out of foam board (I plan to make the permanent stairs out of wood but needed to do a practice run out of foamboard before I start cutting up wood).

I also got some darling minis in the mail. I had ordered a flower arrangement from two different Etsy shops. I also ordered some electrical outlets from a dollhouse building supplier. Most of the lighting will be “can” lights in the ceilings but there will also be some lamps in the bedroom and living room.

Last night I went to Hobby Lobby for the foam board and ended up getting a cutting tool called the Easy Cutter, which was recommended at a lovely website called mockingbirdhillcottage.com . I got it for 40% off! I also picked up a sheet of thin, dense foam “paper” which I may experiment with in terms of trying to make “stones”.

After I got back from the store and dinner was over, I sat at the dining table and made a model of my stair design out of foam board and glue. Once it is done I will set it in place in the house and make any necessary adjustments, then make the whole thing in wood for permanent installation.

I probably won’t have time for any work on the house today because it is Oscar night, and we are having the kids over for dinner and to watch the Oscars together. Family time, yay!