February 18, 2016:

Still no more time to work on the dollhouse itself. I’ve been rooting around on the internet and saving art for paintings in the dollhouse, and viewing some more cool mini sites and some videos. Maybe I’ll get to work on the dollhouse tonight. We’ll see. It was raining yesterday and we had the kids over for dinner, so not only was I busy, but it was raining hard enough to make going out to my garage workshop not much fun. Further, the garage can flood in the rain, depending on how much we get. Not badly, but it does flood near my workbench. Just glad to have ANY rain, though!

I want to draw in the remaining window openings, except for the bathroom which I’ll leave for last since I need to work out the shower construction before cutting window opening(s). If I can draw them and maybe even get them cut, that would be ideal. I have the bedroom windows and the foyer tall windows to cut. I also am going to have to make a mock up of the stairs before I do anything else to the foyer, although I believe cutting the window openings will be fine.

Once the main body of the house is done, I plan to install the electrical, and then the finished wall surfaces required to cover the electrical (call it fake drywall?) and floors. Also the fireplace wall, which I am SO looking forward to creating!

I won’t actually be doing much on the exterior of the house until the inside is partially complete. This is because the front of the house is detachable and doesn’t even exist yet, and some of the outside work can’t be done until a certain amount of the inside work is done. That’s a bit different from full size home construction!

Also I am not a designer, I am an artist. I don’t have experience with interior design or building design. So I’ve approached this somewhat as I would a painting. However, since I am “handy”, I have some practical experience which does affect my design process. So I did the overall design (the “sketch” I would do for a painting) and then once I had actually built the basic box of the dollhouse, I begin to see the changes needed for the good of the overall design as well as the practical issues of structure. So it means that as I construct it, I begin to see that things that looked good in the 3d version of the design program aren’t looking as good in realtime, and should be changed for the good of the project. This happens in the process of creating an oil painting as well. The general process of creation, I guess.

From some limited personal experience, I do understand that building a home or other structure often involves changes in the design either due to structural issues or due to the design not quite working out aesthetically on a realworld basis, and that happens even to people with far more experience building than I have, or ever will have.

Well this afternoon I did get the foyer window drawn on. It’s just a giant opening at this point. Then I sat and just looked at the house and thought about what could be done with the spaces, and what should be done to get the effects I want.