February 15, 2016:

Today the first miniature project is a “fairy garden” in the garden bed under my bedroom window. I use the quotation marks because it isn’t really a fairy garden as most people would think of it. It is a miniature garden, using succulents because they deal well with the hot, dry weather here. It has little succulents and medium succulents, rocks gravel and mini houses. The only fairy things about it are the two Cicely Mary Tyson fairy figurines. One sits on a twig bench and the other is on a stick which when stuck into the ground holds it upright. There is tiny rock gravel in a beige or tan color with a “path” made of dark, small stones. There is a rockery section with larger, warm toned rocks which I will finish off later (I didn’t have enough rocks) and perhaps plant some small rock loving plants later. It wasn’t super well planned as I did not really have a lot of time to put into it, but it’s still cute.

Here it is, unfinished but not too bad:


I’ve been working out the stairs in the two story foyer for my dollhouse in my head. I think I’ve got a workable plan, but I will probably do a “dry run” using foam board and then make the stairs out of wood. I may paint the treads to look like brushed steel. Not sure yet.

Here are some stairs in a house I looked at on modernminihouses.blogspot.com which I plan to copy (modified):

Great Stairs execution

Well it’s now the end of the day, and I didn’t get any dollhouse time in. I had forgotten I had a doctor’s appointment, which took about an hour and 45 minutes out of my day. And I still had to do my bi weekly cleaning, which I hadn’t done on Sunday, as well as my Konmari discard work on my book collection.

The book discard work was tiring but really great! I have a lot of good quality hardbacks which I think I can get credit for from a used bookstore. There was still a fair amount of trash which went into the recycling bin, including some paperbacks that were old, yellowed and falling apart.

In the process, I found 4 books which will help me in my dollhouse project. One of them is a paperback book on Art quilts, which I did not even know I had. This is one of the fabulous perks of the Konmari Tidy Up system – you find out what you actually have, and then you can use it. And I rather think that as I become reacquainted with my possessions, I will find more I don’t really want to keep because it does not “spark joy” as Ms. Kondo puts it.

The Art quilts book will serve two purposes. I don’t ultimately want to keep the book, but there are some quilt pictures that I can cut out and either scan onto textured paper or fabric, or just frame and hang. These are seriously beautiful quilts and I may also scan a couple of them to help with the design of a quilt I have in mind to complete for my bedroom. Once I am done with that, the book will go into the recycling bin.

Another book is container gardens, which I can’t really use for my own home anymore because I really can’t plant anything but succulents or CA natives due to drought issues. But I can sure use it for ideas for my mini house roof deck garden and indoor plant containers. The best thing about dollhouse plantings? Don’t have to care about sun, water or nutrients and the plants never die! Brown thumb? Nooooo Problem!

Another book is a medium sized paperback of old paintings. True, my dollhouse is a modern home, but I may also include a bit of eclectic mix ins including old masters, where appropriate. But the photos of these paintings are sized appropriately for dollhouse use.

And the other book is outdoor spaces, perfect for ideas for the space planning/landscaping of my roof deck. How lovely – a roof deck with no worries about drainage, LOL!

(OK Commercial is on TV right now and it showed a frozen drink – now I really want a frozen virgin strawberry daiquiri. Slushie on steroids – yummm!) Without alcohol cuz alcohol just makes me really sick. Yep, cheap date and always the designated driver, LOL!

Oh, except I love expensive food. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

I did get my mini supplies sorted/organized and in plastic containers in the garage near my workshop. So at least I’ll be able to find things. I also made a “Dollhouse” file folder to keep odds and ends in that aren’t in eformat. Most of what I have is in eformat.

I also got one of my full sized oil paintings that I did in Art class fastened into its frame and hung on the wall. YAY! It looks good, but needs some lighting. Found something on Amazon to help w that.

Here’s a photo of the painting (unframed):

First decent color still life painting 4-11-15

So now you can see the Fine Art I do as well as the mini house art! It’s all fun!