February 12, 2016:

Well no mini stuff last night – the kids were over for dinner. I love my kids and I sure enjoyed myself. I had been having a bad day and I felt better after they visited. And dinner was easy – my husband grilled the steak and sausage and I steamed the green beans and made Cajun mushrooms.

But there is a long weekend ahead of me now, and I want to divide my time between working on my home with Marie Kondo’s Tidy Up process, and working on my dollhouse.

It takes longer than I would like to do each part of the build. I’m not terribly surprised about this, because just before I started the dollhouse, I had built a cat house – a shelter for my “feral” cat (who changed his mind about the feral part and now wants to sit on laps). I learned during that process that this construction stuff is time consuming!

But understanding that doesn’t mean I like it.

So we’ll see how much I can get done. I need to get the walls installed and the interior door openings cut. That may take a bit of time. Then the main remaining window openings need to be cut – only the kitchen area window will have to wait until I have fully worked out the kitchen design. Working with a clamped down jig for the jigsaw cuts is going to be slow work.

I do think I’ll be happier once I can start in on the window frames and “glass” and either making and installing or just installing the doors. That will be the point where it will start looking like a house rather than a big box with holes cut in it.

Well, I’m going to do a little mini blog reading and then go to bed. Tiiiiiiiiiired!