October 12, 2018

Well where have I been?

After working diligently on my mini house, I stopped at the end of September to deal with all the holiday busy-ness. So, you ask, what happened after the holidays were over?

We bought a house! No, a big one, not a mini house. And in another state, no less. It took a huge amount of time to deal with the purchase matters, and it was a couple of months before escrow closed. Once escrow closed, it was months of packing on weekends, in addition to working full time. So fine art and miniatures fell by the wayside.

And then we moved, not just to another house, but to a new state more than half way across the country. Hello to four seasons, muggy summers, cool fall weather, cold winters, and lovely spring greening. We moved in almost 5 months ago. Many things to be fixed or updated, many many pieces of furniture to purchase and put together, and flooring installation in the 3 season porch. We LOOOVE our new house, but it is still an ongoing project.

I do have my art studio set up in our basement, my craft/miniatures area, and my workshop mostly set up, though I still need to install the pegboard for my tool storage/display.

The living room at our house is the man-cave. The basement is the woman-cave! And the basement is HUGE – about 1600 square feet, unfinished but dry and high ceilinged. It came with tons of storage shelving already in place, and decent lighting, which I have massively improved.

So it may still be a while yet before I can take the boarding off of the mini house and start work anew. But it will happen!