February 9, 2016:

Well yesterday I just dreamed about dollhouse making. Work took up most of my day and part of my evening. At least hubby grilled dinner, bless him! That and leftover salad made dinner easy and quick.

Of course, daydreaming about dollhouse construction can be productive of good ideas. And adding to that, a bit of reading about other people’s miniatures construction can possibly help reduce the number of false starts, failures and messes – or I can hope! So my heartfelt thanks to all you mini bloggers whose generous communications about your adventures in mini-making are making my adventures more successful and less stressful!

Not that everything is completely smooth. But the learning process has been educational rather than painful, so for that I am grateful to the MANY others whose postings have helped me avoid that potential pain.

I did spend some time googling making modern miniature doors. I came to the conclusion that I am probably going to have to make some if not all of my doors.

I did find one that I could purchase but the details on the shop’s site were thin enough that I didn’t want to make the purchase. Will try another building materials site.

Basically, I want the interior doors to be wood frames with frosted glass. I believe I can make such things if necessary, but I admit that making the doors is not really something that I am all that interested in. I am more interested in actually making the windows, as they will be fully custom and cannot be ordered or even hacked from existing windows.

The windows in my dollhouse are either going to be floor to ceiling, or 1” elevation, with the windows rising to the ceiling height of 10”. The window widths will vary in descending order on the side of the house (in the living room area) from 4” wide, to 3” wide to 2” wide. At the abutting back wall, there will be one 4” wide window right at the corner of the room where the walls meet. There will be a fireplace to the other side of that window.

Thereafter, the wall beyond the fireplace will remain windowless until I decide what to do about the kitchen. I need to finish the design of the kitchen and then I will construct the kitchen – when it is being installed I will decide where the windows go at that time. All will have simple straight strip of wood frames that don’t detract from the (fake) view I am planning to install, and the beautiful wood “posts” between the windows (which will probably be some kind of fun veneer). I did find a veneer site I can order sheets (large and small) of veneers, some fairly exotic (and expensive – yikes!)

I am going to do a mockup of the kitchen using 2 x 4’s and a sharpie showing the overall design, and then move them around inside the space to see what is going to work/look best. Once I’ve decided on the final design and placement I will make the cabinetry. I haven’t decided if I will follow what Marion Roussek did by using foam board (at least for the bases of the cabinets), or if I will use 2 x 4’s with veneer and other surface coverings. I do know they won’t be boxes that open or drawers that really work. I’m not interested in that.

If I can’t find any tutorials for making modern style doors, I’ll just review whatever I can find and use that to form my own door making process.

Below is a really pretty door I might imitate. The basic style is right, and I do like the etching.

01 int mosaics 3D