June 14, 2017

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve been pretty busy on the dollhouse but I did have a long break working lots of overtime and helping my mom before and after eye surgery. Work is still a mess but I’m trying to power through it.

Meanwhile, lots of changes in the dollhouse.

Here’s a recent shot of the entire house:


So what’s changed? Well, there’s wallpaper in both the great room and the bedroom now. That was a bit of an adventure. You know how when you buy a dollhouse that has to be assembled, they tell you to wallpaper the house before you put it together? Yeah, there’s a reason. It’s very hard to put paper into a small room, especially a deep room. However, I did not have much choice since this house was built from scratch and I did not know for sure what paper I would use at the time I built it.

In the end, I worked it out. I used two methods to apply the wallpaper. One was to use YES paste, applied with a cheap paintbrush. The other, which I liked better, was a glue transfer paper product with peel off surfaces on both sides. You peel one side, stick it to your surface (in this case, scrapbooking paper) and then you peel off the other side of the paper, which leaves the sticky glue. Then you apply it to the wall, and burnish the paper against the wall. That worked quickly and easily.

And as you can probably imagine, cutting out the holes in the paper for the windows was a giant pain. I did all right, however. Not perfect, but good enough. And where there are imperfect areas at ceiling or floor, well baseboards and crown molding will eventually cover those.

I chose a couple of rather retro papers for the bedroom and great room. The great room and two of the bedroom walls have a white paper with a kind of striated gold irregular pattern. It reads as very mid-century modern. The statement wallpaper in the bedroom is also a bit mid century modern. By itself I’m not completely happy with it, but I think that once the dark blue drapes and the bed and nightstands are in place, it will look really great. If not, well, I can always replace it.

Here you can see the wallpaper in the great room:

And here you can see the “statement wall” wallpaper in the bedroom:

The flower pattern is in dark blue, green, red, yellow and a pale turquoise. There will be navy drapes and red accent colors elsewhere in the room, including a red “egg” chair. The bed will be under the window in the statement wall.

I also pulled the shower completely out and redid it. I used the same “granite” for the shower floor as I did for the sides. And the “drain” is a jeans snap! The acrylic “frameless glass” is installed and the only things left to be installed are the shower head and water control handles. Here is the shower:

In the great room I have made some pretty good headway with the kitchen. The upper cabinets are hung, and the under-cabinet lighting is stuck in place, but the wires aren’t hidden yet. And I’ve just placed some loose pieces of scrap basswood on top of the lowers to show where the countertops will be.

Sorry about the flash but I couldn’t get good light otherwise.

And here is a photo from further back, showing the general appearance:

The under cabinet lights are so bright they washed out that middle part of the photo and I wasn’t able to compensate for this. Also, as you can see, my temporary dining room pendant light and the island pendant lights are blocking some of the view of the kitchen build. These cabinets are not all fully installed yet so some shimming and straightening are still to come. But you get the general idea.

And something kind of amusing – I was toying with making the shower floor a pebble based floor, with pebbles in grout. I just didn’t like anything I tried and gave it up eventually. But I got a good laugh out of one of my test runs. I used sand colored grout and tan stones, which I applied on a plastic container lid to see what it would look like. I can’t decide if it looks more like a cow-flop or more like cat barf. You pick, LOL:

And I was sick last Sunday and got NO oil painting done :-(. So this coming weekend I hope to work on both  miniatures AND oil painting. I am nearly done with my landscape of England’s Lake Country. It’s going pretty well though I think I will make a few changes. I’ll post that when it’s done even though it isn’t miniature-themed.

And we have a long 4th of July weekend coming up. We are off at my office both Monday AND Tuesday – YAY! Plenty of play time.