March 11, 2017

Well I’m gearing up for a visit from my daughter and grandson. Can’t wait until they are here!

Meanwhile, working on the dollhouse. I’ve finished the fridge. Here it is:

I’m not sure how much I like the handles. Might change them out. I’ll think about it for a few days.

I’m still working on the stove. Still spray painting pieces, then will be ready to put it together and put the knobs on. So no picture for that yet, except that you can see it in this photo of the back wall of the kitchen:

These look a bit funny right now, because the uppers are sitting on top of the lowers, the over-fridge cabinet is sitting on top of the fridge, and there are no cabinet “doors” installed yet, just the flat fronts of the cabinets. Worse yet, there are post it notes on two of the cabinets so that I don’t mix them up with the other cabinets. But hey, it’s progress!

I’ve dry fitted the frameless “glass” shower walls, and you can see them here:

I might have a picture of a nearly completed stove tomorrow, but I will be busy child-proofing the house and will try to work on my oil painting tomorrow as well.