February 7, 2016:


Okay, yesterday I got some construction work done. I did follow my idea of cutting two walls and then using them to hold the floor in the correct position so that I could screw it in. Worked great! Used up all my 1” screws though, have to go buy some more.

Once I had my walls in and clamped in place, and the floor (which is a slightly tight fit) tapped into place and holding still, I measured up from the floor all around the outside of the walls 10.25 inches (to go right into the middle of the floor) and screwed in the screws. Checked top and bottom, not a single screw showing through anywhere – yay! The only issue I had was that I had to shave off a slight bit of the edge of the floor before I installed it.

I did cut out some of the floor for the partially two storied foyer/stairwell. I think I’m going to have to adjust it. But hey, at least I got to use my jigsaw. And oh yeah, the cut is damn near perfectly straight freehand (no jig, just a penciled line). BAM!

Couldn’t screw on the roof on because I ran out of 1 inch screws. Oh well, this is physically tiring, and my back was starting to ache anyway. I might not feel old as a person but me body sure can at times. Sigh…

I tried to make a jig for my jigsaw (hah) but realized the blade does not stick out of the guard far enough for any of the wood I have. Read online tonight that you run it against a clamped down straight edge. This might be a real trick in some of the situations I’m going to have to use it in. I might need to research what kind of clamps I’ll need. We’ll see if the clampies that I just got from Amazon will meet my needs.

Oh I luuuuuv my tools! (Yeah yeah, that sounds bad – just get over it, LOL!)

Really, I’m the only girl I know who gets a reciprocating saw for her birthday (delivered to the office) and proudly shows it around to her co-workers. Who mostly grinned at me, with some laughing out loud. Yep, that Fran, she’s a little bit of a geek…whaddaya gonna do, hey?

I’ve already texted my husband pictures of the Ryobi compact drill and random orbit sander that I want for my upcoming birthday. Upon which birthday I will be even older. Sigh…so far, not a big fan of aging. Big fan of still being alive, however. Hard to reconcile those two some days.

So – back to dollhouse making, being that it is one of the things I am doing to enjoy myself. And I really am enjoying myself.

Just to make life a little more entertaining, I am also doing Konmari’s Tidying Up process on my home. So far, loving it a major amount. So sometimes I am discarding (that’s the part of the process I am on) or folding and putting away, and sometimes I am working on the dollhouse plans or hunting online for ideas and tutorials.

So today, Superbowl Sunday, I was also in charge of making Carnitas tacos and salad. Of course, since I am a masochist very nice person, I made the tortillas from scratch (masa and water). DEElish! Love the carnitas recipe too, it is Melissa D’Arabians. It rocks!

So didn’t get to actually work on the dollhouse today. BUT, I did go do some shopping for it. First I went to Home Depot, ostensibly to get some more 1” screws. But of course, had to check out some other stuff. I wanted to see if I could get some 12 x 12 inch sheets of tiny stone tiles to use for making my floor to ceiling fireplace wall (and which I might end up using on the exterior of the home as well. I did find something I really liked. Bought one sheet because that’s more than enough for the fireplace.

I also looked at vinyl floor tiles. These can be used (per online sources) for “granite” countertops, and I may use one for the bathroom floor. We’ll see. I didn’t buy any today, because I have enough stuff for right now.

I then went to Joanne’s to see if they had any dollhouse doors because I wanted to look at the framing construction. They don’t have any dollhouse anything, really, but they did have a lot of other fun stuff. I bought some Gesso, which I will need for a number of things, particularly a side table for the living room. I bought a couple of fake plants which will lend themselves very well to doll houseplants. I also bought some wire for possible chair making.

And now it’s time for bed.