February 18, 2017:

I’ve been on vacation for a week, so no dollhouse projects. I’m sitting on a plane heading home, and writing this on my laptop. I’ve had a lot of fun showing the progress photos to family, however. Sometimes just talking about the progress can stimulate new ideas about how to do something.

I do notice that the things I see on the blogs or facebook pages that I follow stimulate ideas as well. Alice’s Miniatures and Mitchymoo Miniatures are especially good for this. Alice had a beautiful couch and throw pillows on her Facebook page recently that was quite inspiring. Also, I look at my manila folder with clippings from magazines as well as my Word documents where I store pics from the internet, and this stimulates not only new ideas but “hacks” of existing ideas or designs.

I’ve been thinking about the dining area. The dining table is a modern wood and “metal” base with a clear acrylic top, rectangular in shape. I am seriously considering getting the “s” shaped acrylic chairs for the dining table, in a bright red, which is the basic accent color for the great room. But then, what about a rug? Apparently one can print on fabric, so it might be possible to print a rug I find online. But it has been a problem finding one that I like and that is in the right colors. With the bright chairs, the rug could have a fairly bold pattern but the colors probably need to be neutral, such as black, white and a tan or beige tone. I will probably print the rug on paper to try it out.

The living room will also need a rug to anchor the seating. This rug would need to have neutral tones with pops of red.

I have not really decided on furniture for the foyer. It’s primary focus is it’s overall appearance with the height and the triple stairs, and the art gallery which will encompass all of the walls on both first and second floors. The lighting is already excellent for wall art. But I could have some pedestals with sculptures on them, and possibly a plant or two.

Might use the bench in this photo below:

However, its position in the room would be different. Since my mini house has a back wall, unlike this one, I could position it against the back wall, under the art work.

On the second floor in the foyer there is not enough room to place any furniture other than a console type table. I could do that, with smaller sculptures and vases on the console.

Sculptures have been a bit of an issue. I have not found many in 1:12 scale that I truly like, and I may have to copy some using fimo and paint. This will be time consuming, but considering that I am also an artist, perhaps it would be a good exercise for me. I do, however, have a number of small art vases that could be used for some of the objets d’art. Further, I have some miniature flower arrangements which would do very nicely on top of a console or even a pedestal.

Pedestals can be fairly easily made or also purchased.

I did purchase “wallpaper” which is really scrapbook paper, for the bedroom. However, I’m not sure if it will go well with the wall paper for the back “statement” wall, so it’s not a done deal. I may have to take another trip to Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s Fabrics for more paper or fabric to do that wall. What I really would like is a textured neutral colored fabric, perhaps in a beige or “natural” color. I did not find any scrapbook paper with a small enough texture to work for this, not to mention the available colors were not workable.

Another issue is going to be the doors. I will be constructing them myself, using acrylic sheeting (frosted) and basswood. I’ll have to put a thin veneer tape inside the opening and then there will be wood trim around the opening of the doorway. I only have to make three interior doors. The front door will be a much more complex double doorway and as it is part of the removable front, which is not even constructed yet, it will be quite some time before I get to that.

I do have quite a bit of work left to do on this house, and I’m still pretty sure it will take me about another 2 years to finish it.