January 15, 2017

A friend of mine commented that there should be a current picture of the entire house. She’s right, but I hadn’t wanted to do this because my mini house looks like exactly what it is – a construction site! In other words, not very pretty.

But here goes – this is the house as it is now, with construction tools, supplies and debris in and on top of the house:

To the left is the two story foyer which will also eventually be an art gallery. Bottom right is the great room. The kitchen will be in the left rear, the dining area in front of the kitchen, and the living area to the left in front of the fireplace.

Upstairs the center room is the giant bathroom, and the remaining large room is the bedroom.

The stairs go up to the roof. On the roof will eventually be railings and a roof patio/BBQ/garden and either fireplace or fire pit. There will be lots of plantings.

In the bathroom, the large shower will be at the left rear, with the toilet beside it, under the narrow window. The floating vanity with vessel sinks will be on the right wall. The freestanding tub will be at the left wall between the front of the house and the door to the foyer.

In the bedroom, the bed will be under the rear window, flanked by nightstands with lamps. There will be a dresser on the wall to the left, and the great red egg chair shown in an earlier post will be at the front right corner. There will be more art on the wall in this room, and in the great room as well.


Since I took the photo above (several days ago), I have sprayed the coat of paint/primer on the fridge, and tomorrow I will spray the first coat of the stainless steel look paint.

I have started to glue the cabinet boxes together, as well. I’m using my lovely new (Christmas presents!) mini-clamps and clamp-square to hold them in place while the glue dries. This process has been fraught with frustrations – thinking I cut something incorrectly, cutting new pieces and then realizing I had mistakenly tried to put the original, correctly cut pieces on the wrong edge of the cabinet box back. Sigh…do, undo and redo. At least I enjoy the process and am in no hurry.

I am also working on my first landscape painting. It is nearly done. I’d say it isn’t horrible, but I don’t love it, either. I think I want to paint a bunch of landscapes to get more practice.

I’ve found my favorite relaxing meditation – watching Bob Ross painting videos. You may laugh, and it IS funny, but he’s so sweet and so mellow that it is just terribly relaxing to watch him. When he paints ┬áhe lives in a lovely world where nothing is bad and you can paint whatever you want. Such a pleasing fantasy! For a few minutes its nice to live in that world.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit of useful painting tips and techniques from watching the Bob Ross videos. And now I am addicted to painting videos, and not just Bob Ross’ videos. I watched a couple of videos on how to paint waves and sea foam, and I can’t wait to try it!

I’m happy to finally be doing what I wanted to do as a child – art and dollhouses!