February 3, 2016:

Well, I haven’t worked on the dollhouse physically since the last post on 1/31/16. I work long days and it is hard to get any time to do work on the house, some days more than others. Besides, I’ve still got a lot of studying to do so that I can pull this off. I’m a detail-oriented person and for a person like that, the internet is an irresistible magnet of information and learning.

So I’m looking at miniature building tutorials for both furniture and housing, and since one of the critical things I learned from using the Live Interior 3d Standard program to design my house is that I actually need to know at least approximately what furniture and where it goes in the house before I get too far into the building process, I’m now working on viewing videos of dollhouse lighting. Armed with what I’ve already learned from some of the mini modern dollhouse websites, I’ve realized that to get my lighting in place, I am going to need to go with a slightly dropped ceiling.

Why? Well remember when watching all those HGTV shows how the designers have to get the electrical contractors in to move electrical lights around, install under cabinet lighting, and such? Yeah, that. So either I build my mini house the way people build homes for real peeps and finish the whole thing first, and then do a bunch of remodeling, or I do the basic design NOW, and just do it once. Oh, guess which one I picked, hahah!

I saw a dropped ceiling with electrical wiring in the ceiling on one of the websites – LOVE that idea! I have high ceilings in my dollhouse (10 inches) so I can afford a ¼ inch or even a ½ inch dropped ceiling to allow me to install the electrical. I could even afford a hollow wall if needed. But I’m still learning, so I’m not yet sure what the best way is to deal with the walls, especially since I won’t be having wallpaper. I may simply use a layer of matt or posterboard over the walls to cover electrical and use the tape system for the walls. We’ll see.

But the reason I really like the dropped ceiling, particularly for the downstairs open concept living area, is that there is going to be a multitude of electrical at the ceiling area. There will be can lights in the living room and the kitchen area, and possibly the dining room. There will be pendant lights above the island in the kitchen, and a chandelier above the dining table.

For the greatroom walls I will need multiple outlets for the table lamps in the living room, and an electrical connection for the glowing fireplace. There will be undercabinet lighting in the kitchen. I already have tiny LED strips for under the cabinets!

In the 2 story foyer/stairwell area there will be some dramatic lighting of some sort including a long chain “chandelier” which will have lights in it.

Upstairs there are only two rooms, bathroom and bedroom, but the bedroom needs wall outlets for lamps and probably some sort of modern chandelier or ceiling fixture. The bathroom probably doesn’t need a ceiling fixture but it may need lighting at the ceiling of the shower, a vanity lighting setup and a few can lights.

Even the roof will need lighting. There will be landscape lighting for the plantings, area lighting for the deck areas, and probably a light used for the outdoor firepit or fireplace (whichever I decide to go with).

What about the front of the house, where people put porch lights, etc? Hmmm….for me, this is a very different issue. Most dollhouses have the front of the house permanently attached with the “back” of the house open.

Well I live in a large, dusty metropolitan area, and my dollhouse is somewhat bulky and heavy, so turning it around to see the front, or having only 3 sides to it, just not gonna work for me!

So my house is the opposite from most dollhouses, and the BACK is permanently installed with the front being removable. I have not yet decided how it will fasten on yet….been thinking on that for a bit, have come up with various ideas.

It would be possible to electrify the front exterior lights on a tape system but I’d have to plug the exterior light in after putting the front on if I do that. So really, any exterior lights really need to be battery operated. BUT, I want something really cool and modern, so I may have to purchase a battery operated fixture and then hack it into a modern fixture. Ought to be FUN!

In between actually working on the physical house I am studying blogs, videos, tutorials, and catalogs trying to learn about how best to create, build, sequence, furnish and accessorize my mini house.

So that’s what I’ve been doing on 2/2/16 and 2/3/16 along with ordering some mini stuff, supplies, lovely things, etc. that I must order now or risk losing.

Ordered some velour paper for printing area rugs. Looking forward to trying that out!