November 27, 2016

I’m actively working on the kitchen right now. There’s nothing completed yet and it may be a while before there is anything really worth photographing. But for fun, I have photographs of the plans, the parts and, LOL, the mess! Here you go:


Above is the drawing for the back wall portion of the kitchen. It is actual size, so I cut these out and made patterns out of them for cutting the bass wood. Yes, I decided to make the cabinet boxes out of wood, though I am using very thin stick-on veneer for the cabinet doors once the boxes are completed. The blank space between the drawers is the stove. Above it will be a range hood and vent.


Above is a view (sorry, partially blocked by my temporary dining light fixture) of the cabinet back wall template in place. You can see that the wall to the left is out of square, and the ceiling is also a bit out of square. So just like in real houses, I will probably have to use shims. I do have some very thin wood and cardboard for this purpose.


Above: interestingly enough, the top of a large tub of cat litter makes a very good “sawhorse” for cutting thin wood!


Above: stacks of wood cabinet parts. I stacked them by section.


Above you can see that I wrote the name of the piece along with an “s” for “side”, so I know which parts go together.

What you don’t see is that there will be toe kicks. I have not cut these out or even marked them, at this point.


Above is how obsessively organized I can sometimes be. I’ve put each set of parts per cabinet into its own plastic bag so they don’t get mixed up or lost.

I’ve recently reviewed Kris’ tutorials on, as to the modern stainless steel stove and refrigerator. I’m going to construct mine of wood and alter the method a little but these are SUPER helpful and I am really grateful to her for posting these tutorials! Kris is really talented, creative and detailed.