November 16, 2016

More work on the fireplace – the mantel is installed!

Here is a picture:


So next I started work on the firebox lining. Here’s the back and sides:


Shout out to Otterine (here’s her blog –, thanks SO much for the idea to use egg cartons to make bricks. Though we don’t have proper egg cartons (our Farmers Market egg company uses styrofoam : – / ) I did have some Bristol board in varying thicknesses. Since the interior brick of the firebox could be smoother than the egg carton texture, and since I have Gesso that I can use for some texture, I think it will be alright. In the picture above you can see that I’ve glued on the bricks and that’s all so far. Tomorrow night I will apply the Gesso and then I will use my paint and make it a light grey, like this photo:



And I will grout it. I have some grout handy and can change the color with some paint as needed.

I am also toying with the idea of skipping the granite or marble (faux) for the kitchen countertop. I think a matte acrylic would be lovely. I’ve found that TAP’s website will allow one to order pieces cut to size. I’d still need to make an opening for the sink but I think I can acquire the cutting blades I’d need to do this, and I’ll order extra pieces to practice on.

TAP has a bunch of videos about working with acrylic and it is very tempting to spend yet more money on some supplies and start playing around with making some things for the mini house. But I think I’ll restrain myself – this isn’t an inexpensive hobby. In fact, I think my next project will be something like a fairy cottage made entirely of found objects, involving very little money.

But for those of you who like to geek out (as I do), here is a link to TAP’s website:

Enjoy watching their how-to videos – I did! Note: they can’t ship their acrylic glue to California, but there are products on Amazon that can be shipped here.