October 30, 2016

I’ve gotten the stacked stone installed on the fireplace! The hearth is in, as you could see in the last post, but I need to fabricate and install the mantel and then fabricate and install a wood cornice to cover the gap between the top of the stone and the ceiling. Here’s how it looks now:


As you can see, there are a number of places where the stones don’t fit together tightly. The glue that I used to fasten the stones in place is the right color for mortar, so I will likely fill some of the larger gaps with the glue “mortar” to neaten things up.

I had to pull each one of the stones off the mesh backing, then clean off the bits of glue and mesh from the stones before I could install them. It’s a bit time consuming, to say the least! And for partial stones, I had to score and break them with a tile cutter, or nip them with the tile nipper to make them the correct size. As you can imagine, a few stones got ruined in the process.

And of course the stones aren’t all uniform in size so the lines aren’t as straight as I would really like for them to be. I did minimize this by adding glue in strategic spots but there’s still a bit of an issue.