October 27, 2016

I’ve been working away on the stacked stone fireplace. I’ve installed about half of the stone, and have installed the hearth shelf. Here’s a picture of the work in progress:


The scotch tape and paper clip box are pushed partly inside the firebox, supporting the run of stones that go across the top of the firebox. They are sitting on the hearth shelf. Which I can only make out of wood because there will not be a real fire in the fireplace, LOL! Ahh the  joys of dollhouses – no building codes, and you can leave out what you don’t want to deal with or have no interest in.

For instance, I have an opening at the top of the stairs to what will be the roof deck. Because I don’t have to worry about it raining into the house, I don’t have to make a stairwell room on the roof – it can just open right up there. Lovely!

And, I don’t have to have a closet in my master bedroom. After all, the dolls’s clothes are permanent, so they don’t need a closet to keep anything  in. And nothing has to be stored because if it isn’t out in the house, it isn’t needed!

And no plumbing needed either. What a relief.

It’s been close to a  year since I started this project, and it will be at least another year or two before it is finished. I am unable to put a lot of time into it, but that isn’t a real problem for me. I am enjoying the process. Getting it done will be good, but I am not impatient to get there. I really love building things so taking my time on this is fine with me.

I may redo things as I move along. I don’t have much problem thinking of that, as I can take the time I want to take to fix anything important to me, or I can ignore what is not so important.

And sometimes ideas take time to percolate through my brain and fully form themselves. So I’ve thought of a few better ways to do things already. Maybe I will redo them. Or maybe I won’t!

I think I may fill some of the cracks between the stones with grout, which will not show too much. I can use my baking supplies – plastic pastry bag and icing tips to do this. What fun!