October 23, 2016

I’ve finished reinstalling the greatroom ceiling, cut the fireplace base piece and have started installing the stacked stone on the side of the fireplace base.

To do this I am peeling the stacked stone off the mesh backing, cutting the stones as needed with a tile scoring/breaking tool and tile nippers, and gluing them in place with a construction glue that some guys at Home Depot clued me into.

Since this is not a full size stacked stone installation, I don’t need to use mortar – glue is fine.

Here’s a picture of the fireplace in progress – at this point the stones along the sides of the wood base are the only ones in place. Next step is to install the front base row of tiles and then install the wood hearth, which will be cantilevered at the front of the fireplace base. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the pencil lines where the wood hearth will be affixed. I thought about using slate, because I can purchase slate tiles, but since no actual fires will be burning in the fireplace I can use wood, which is easier to work with. I don’t have a wet saw so I’d like to avoid major tile cutting situations.


These stones won’t actually show from the front view of the room as they will be covered by the face stones.

The electrical tape runs behind the fireplace so that the electric fire can be installed. The interior of the fireplace will be lined with paper that looks like stone or cement, not sure which yet.

I may cantilever the mantel as well, but may just glue it on to the stones. I’ll decide when I get there!