October 18, 2016

Back from a lovely vacation in Illinois! So beautiful there, and nice and cool this time of year. No thunderstorms while we were there, unfortunately.  : Р(

But I had two more days off after we returned so I was able to finish the foyer two story chandelier! It looks great! It is not identical to the inspiration chandelier. That one was made entirely of chains. Mine is a mix of chains along with strings of crystal beads alternating with silver beads, and it is illuminated with dollhouse Christmas lights.

Here is the inspiration chandelier (sorry the shot is enlarged and is fuzzy):

Great Stairs execution

As you can see, it is all made of chain.

Here’s mine, with the shot taken lit up but with the full size lamps outside¬†the house turned off (notice the Xmas lights in the chandelier aren’t very bright):


I really like the look.

Here’s another shot using exterior room lights as well as the dollhouse lights:


Yes, the stairs still need to be painted (stringers) and stained (treads), but I will just wrap the chandelier up in a plastic bag when I do this.

The false ceiling with the pot lights is now installed under the roof level of the foyer. Once the floors and ceilings are all in, I will add wood tape to cover the raw edges of the floors/ceilings.

It’s moving along pretty well.

I will say that stringing all the beads and otherwise making the chandelier was very time consuming, and expensive. I could have saved a lot of money using clear plastic beads instead of the crystal, but I tried that and it just did not have the sparkle I wanted. Bling, please! Amazon helped me with the prices, thankfully. I found some reasonably good deals for the crystal and mixed them with round silver beads to help with the sparkle while reducing the overall cost.

I have some housekeeping things to do, which I’ll probably do next, including reworking how I have installed the drop ceilings. Then I’ll start on the stacked stone fireplace, followed by the kitchen cabinetry, appliances and countertops.

After that, probably the shower in the bathroom, and the floating vanity, both of which I will be making myself.