October 1, 2016

Today I purchased some of the supplies I needed to make the two story hanging chandelier for the foyer. Unfortunately, there were insufficient quantities of affordable glass or crystal beads. My inspiration chandelier is all made of silver chains. Here it is (center of photo running down the center of the stairs:

Great Stairs execution

But I wanted to add some sparkle to it, as well as lights. So in addition to the chain, which is more silvery and less gray, I wanted to add glass or crystal beads. I had to order those online, so I used some plastic beads and fastened in only one strand so I could get an idea of what it looked like.

Here is a shot of me holding the partially completed chandelier (missing the sparklies) in place at the foyer ceiling:


As you can see, there are gaps in the chain. This is where the crystal bead ropes will hang. The lights are dollhouse christmas lights, which are unfortunately not very bright. Oh well…

Later this week I will be installing the crystal bead ropes and then will try it out. There is some potential I may need to add more chains. We’ll see.

If you’d like to know how I did this chandelier:

I used the white plastic lid from a cream jar. I drew dots on it using black sharpie where I wanted holes drilled for connection of the chains. I then drilled the holes using a drill bit which is very tiny, but not the smallest one I have. The holes looked just perfect.

I had purchased some eye pins, which are in the beading department of Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and which look like straight pins without sharp ends and which have a metal ring where the head of a pin would be. The reason I needed them is that I needed something to fasten the chain to which did not show on the “business” side of the chandelier. So I pushed them through the holes I drilled, on the “wrong” side of the cream jar cap, and then bent them up with my jeweler’s pliers, into a loop over which I hooked one end of the chain.

For the bead string, I strung the beads on beading flex string, using a crimp bead at the bottom to hold the beads on the string. At the top end I threaded on a crimp bead and then bent the thread around and back through the crimp bead, making a loop. I then crimped the bead to hold my loop in place. I then connected the loop to the eye pin as I did with the chain. All done! At least, until I receive the shipment of crystal beads.

Once this is done I can install the false ceiling, connect the chandelier to the electrical, and that will finish the main electrical work.

The next project will be installing the tile flooring in the second floor foyer partial floor and the bathroom. I have to cut the tile, which will be another learning experience with the Dremel. Hopefully that will go well.

I felt like shopping earlier this week, and I bought some adorable fabrics to use on my sofa, which I plan to make myself. Some of the fabric can also be used for throw pillows.

I’m definitely having fun! This might be the only house I get to design and build, ever! We’ll see, though. I’d like to make some more, but I have to figure out what to do with them as I can’t keep many, living in such a small space.