May 29, 2016:

A lot of work has been going on, with some setbacks. Firstly, I had fun  making the hardwood floors out of self stick hardwood veneer strips cut to plank size, and installed on foamcore board colored black with a giant sharpie marker. I used a medium tone color for the great room and a dark stain for the bedroom. The wood came in colors that I could choose from.

I used a craft sliding paper cutter to cut the veneer, which worked great.

Here are some photos:




The floors will have finished edges later. For now you can see the foam core board.

I’ve been working on making pendant lights for the kitchen island, and have had some difficulties. Prototypes were fabricated and dumped. Finger and thumb were accidentally glued together with superglue. Sigh…

I do rather like the final pendant lights, but they are too light to hang well. Thinking about what I can do about that. Add weights? Break down and buy glass fixtures? Oh boy. Problems, problems!

I really liked the initial pendant lamp for over the dining table, but hanging it is not working out. I really have to work on figuring out how to suspend it and hide the electrical wires for the LED bulbs. What I really need is thin metal tubes. Probably can find some, but where?

I can then start connecting the lights to the ceiling tapewire, which is going to be difficult due to the depth of the room and the 10 inch ceiling height. I’m using museum putty to affix the false ceiling to the real ceiling to hide the tapewire and allow depth for the can lights.

Here’s what the┬átop (hidden part that abuts the actual ceiling) side of the false ceiling looks like:


I had a great birthday, and enjoyed my new tools and my Phillip Nuveen Barcelona chairs for my mini house living room. I can hardly wait to start furnishing the house! Pity it’s going to be a while yet. But then, I mostly am enjoying the construction process, despite the occasional frustration.