May 16, 2016

Last night I spent some time doing the elevations for the kitchen. I do love doing drawings for architectural work! I have no training in this but I still enjoy it!

The kitchen is a galley kitchen with the refrigerator, stove and cabinetry against the back wall of the great room, extending for 15 inches, and a large island wide enough to allow for counter stools across from the wall of cabinetry. ┬áThe “island” which is really more of a peninsula, consists of a sink, dishwasher, cabinetry and drawers, and has three pendant lights above it.

The back wall of cabinetry has LED under cabinet lighting.

I started work on installing the can lights in the false ceiling. Jasper, my pussycat, tried to play with the wires – aaaauuuughhh! Had to hide it from him. I don’t have enough LED lights, had to order more.

I realized that in order to finish installing the lights I am going to have to make the pendant lights and the chandelier, so that is what I will be working on next.