May 13, 2016

Well it’s been quite a while since I last had time to blog about the work I’ve done on the house. Work is sporadic and will continue to be so due to the interference of daily life, LOL! However, I’ve actually gotten all of the windows put in! Here is a picture showing the first window I installed, which is the bedroom rear window; you can see the acrylic propped into place in the unfinished bathroom window opening as well:


And another showing the side with the living room windows and the upstairs bedroom window.


This was a lot of work, and I damaged some of the acrylic sheeting in the process. I may have to remove and replace a couple of the pieces of acrylic. There was a bit of a learning curve on cutting the plexi. Believe it or not, I could not find much online about cutting it, and after trying multiple different tools, I found that cutting it with – wait for it – scissors – actually worked the best. It does mess up the very edge of the acrylic but since I knew that would be covered, I could live with that. The two story, giant window at the side of the foyer was a real bear to install. I had to resort to using tiny nails rather than just gluing in the window frame pieces. And it took a long time to cut and stain each interior 4 pieces of window trim for every window as well as to cut and stain each exterior 4 pieces of window trim for every window. Whew!

I also finished tiling the “granite” floor on the second story of the foyer. And I’ve made patterns for the floors, which I will install over Bristol board and then fasten in place in the room. The downstairs great room will have hardwood floors. I’ve been spending time cutting the planks from my pieces of veneer, and will glue them down onto the Bristol board. I love the finish on the veneer, which is matte and a honey color. I have darker wood for the bedroom floor.

I am sorely tempted to use real stone tiles on the bathroom floor, but if I do that, it will make the flooring thickness inconsistent throughout the second level. I guess I’ll have to think about it. Meanwhile, I have cut up the vinyl “travertine” into tiny tiles to use for the bathroom floor. Hmmm….

My birthday is coming up, and I’ll be getting a few furniture pieces! Yay! I’ve also ordered a red modern chair for the bedroom furniture layout. It is one of the Japanese Reac pieces. I’m hoping that someone will get me one of the Phillip Nuveen Barcelona chairs I’ve put on my birthday wish list!

Here’s a picture of the chair I ordered:

Reac red chair

I think it will look very cute in the bedroom.

I’ve done some shopping for wallpapers as well, which was fun, and for planters for the plants I’ll be making from artificial floral pieces.

I also ordered baby washcloths to make towels out of for the bathroom, which is an idea I got from (many thanks to Joanne, who is very creative and very good at making miniatures!)