October 17, 2017

I haven’t been working very hard on my mini house, and what I have been involved in is slow going.

I’m working on the interior doors. There’s a lot of cutting involved. And a lot of gluing. For that purpose I got a lovely Micro Mark gluing jig. Here’s the link:


I am having fun, sort of, with the frosted glass door centers. Here’s a picture of my first try. Not too bad considering the tiny tiny cutting issues, but it does need some work (keep in mind that the frame will be stained before the whole thing is glued together):

The other thing it needs is: for application you are supposed to wet the glass and then apply the frosting film. I did not do that because I wanted to see if I could even pull this off without going out of my mind from the concentration on the tiny tiny details of the cuts involved. I mean, this door is like 6 ¾ inches tall by less than 3 inches wide! So those little cuts are LITTLE TINY CUTS. Whew!

But in doing the process I learned a lot, so I don’t think doing it again three more times (for three doors) is going to knock me out or anything. Well, at least I hope not!

Below is a picture of something completely unrelated to my dollhouse; namely, Miss Daisy, the epitome of cuteness! Enjoy…