August 2, 2017

I’ve been having a lot of fun constructing the kitchen cabinet hardware. I struggled with how to make the handles for the cabinets and drawers. I knew I could use tiny aluminum rods to make the bar style handles, but I could not figure out how to attach them to the cabinets but not directly flat onto the cabinets. I wanted them to be on some kind of riser so that they stand above the cabinet or drawer surface. But it had to be something that I could glue to a rounded rod surface. What to do, what to do…?

First I tried Fimo. Nope, nope, nope. Then I just sat and cogitated for a while. Bingo (light bulb goes on above head, like in a cartoon), what about a tiny silver bead?

Then to work, rooting around through my bead stash (I sometimes make jewelry), and presto, a small tube of tiny silvery glass beads. Lay them out, a drop of super glue, set the aluminum rods onto the beads and wait for them to dry. It worked! Yaaaayyyy!

Here’s the prototype:

You can see two smaller cabinet handles at the upper right in the photo.

Tonight I did an assembly line of longer drawer handles and shorter cabinet handles:

The handles do stick to the cutting mat so they have to be gently detached with a craft knife or box cutter blade. If they fall off, as they sometimes do, I just re-glue them. In the background of this photo above, you can see the upper cabinets with handles already glued on.

I’ve also been working on the kitchen peninsula and the “granite” countertops. First, I designed a pattern for the part of the island that faces the front of the house, so there is not just a boring expanse of wood veneer. Then I cut the pattern into the veneer and applied the veneer:

You can see the black paint showing through for contrast.

I then made an apron front sink out of basswood, and gessoed it with multiple coats to smooth out some of the wood grain. This will be painted with “stainless steel” colored paint and will be a “stainless steel” apron-front sink. I had to cut out a place for the sink. Only some of the veneer is applied on the other side of the peninsula as in one portion there will be a dishwasher and in another, a microwave. But here’s what it looks like as a work in progress:

The “granite” countertops were fun to make. I “shopped” for the granite by going online and saving many photos of marble and granite. Then I printed them all out and wrapped them around the peninsula countertop basswood (countertop shows in the above photo with no “granite” applied) and then picked the one I liked best.

I’ve already finished the countertops for the small counter sections against the back wall in the kitchen. Here’s a photo of the countertops before installation:

And here’s a photo of one of the base cabinets with the handles and countertop installed:

And here’s a closer view of the upper cabinet that goes above the base cabinet in the photo above:

Another fun thing – a kind wood artist on Etsy custom made a spalted maple wood floating vanity for my dollhouse bathroom. Here’s the chunk of wood, not installed yet – it will have a countertop on it and vessel sinks:

I absolutely love spalted maple. The pattern created by the fungus as the wood decays is gorgeous. The wood is treated to stop the decay, and the wood artist sealed the piece. Can’t wait to install it!

The Etsy shop is called Snookworks, located in Canada, and here is a link to the wooden tea light holder that inspired me to request a custom piece (without the recessed holes for the tea lights):

This wood artist has a lot of other beautiful things in his Etsy shop too.