September 20, 2016

I’ve been working on the foyer stairs, and they are now mostly done!

Here is a picture:


I’m pretty chuffed at how it turned out, actually. The sections of stair weren’t perfect, so no, the entire thing is isn’t a perfect job. But hey, I’ve never built a staircase before.

So if one wants to be picky, it’s not perfect. But it’s good enough that I’m happy with it! All that’s left to do before I finish the ceilings and the electrical lights is to completely cut the roof opening, as the stair from the second floor gives access to the future roof deck and garden.

I’ve come up with a way to install spacers along the edges of the false ceilings which will even out the fitting of the ceiling, and will make the ceilings look better. Once I’ve done that, I can install trim to cover the front-facing edges of the floors and walls, and I can install wallpaper and Oh Joy! the stacked stone fireplace! I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m also looking forward to creating the last ceiling fixture, which is the big statement piece in the foyer – a long chain chandelier dropping almost two stories down the middle of the stairwell. I’m combining strings of crystal beads and chain with dollhouse Christmas lights to make it. I’m hoping it looks fabulous.

September 10, 2016

I’ve taken a few pictures to show you what I have been working on, now that the stairs are beginning to take shape.  Firstly, here is a photo of the inspiration stairs:

Great Stairs execution

Mine will be a little different, but this is the basic style guideline I am using. Here is a photo of the house with the stair stringer sections clamped to the edge of the roof, just to allow the glue to dry with the treads properly in place. This isn’t where the stairs will be mounted!


I used one of the online stair calculators (just Google it) to figure out how long the stringers needed to be and how many risers per stringer, etc. The calculators don’t allow you to calculate turns in staircases like these that go from stringer to landing to stringer to landing to stringer again, so I just divided it all up. I’m hoping it actually fits, but there may be some tweaking and redoing that has to happen…sigh…

I mentioned in my last post that I had finished the lighting except for the stairwell foyer area, and here’s a picture (with the clamped stair stringers and treads showing at the upper portion of the photo), so you can see the lighting:


Definitely under construction, LOL! BTW, on the lower left of the photo, the first floor ceiling for the partial ceiling area is down with its backside on the floor. I have to fasten it into place.

Well, waiting for the glue to dry on the stairs, and then will start fitting it and making no doubt tedious and time-consuming adjustments!

September 6, 2016

I haven’t posted in quite a while, but I’ve continued to work on my mini house. Most of the work has not been photo-worthy because I’ve been installing the dropped ceiling electrical, which doesn’t make for riveting photographs, LOL! But I can’t finish the ceilings yet. I’ve gotten to the ceilings in the two story foyer and in order for me to install the upstairs ceiling I have to have the stairs constructed and at least in place enough for me to cut the roof stair access opening before I can set the ceiling in place.

Construction of the stairs is very time consuming and somewhat tedious and again not much of a photo op. Once I get the components put together and looking like stairs, I will post photos.

I still haven’t decided whether or not I will paint the stairs or stain them.

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