June 22, 2016

I’ve gotten the electric lighting in the great room completed! It was a lot of work and a lot of waiting for additional supplies. I probably installed too many lightbulbs. Oh well…it still looks cool.

I’m also not completely happy with the chandelier that will hang over the dining table. It’s not terrible, but it’s not up to my standards yet. I’ll let it stew in the back of my mind and we’ll see what I come up with.

Here are some photos of the lighting:


The above photo shows the amount of light in the space.


The above photo shows the can lights in the false ceiling (which is not fully fastened to the actual ceiling yet). The large light at left is the chandelier, and the small pendant lights behind and to the right of it are going to be hanging above the kitchen island. The tapewire on the wall at the rear is for the fireplace, plugs for living room lamps, and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen (left side).


Above are some fun pieces of furniture I have for the house, including a couple of “residents”. The two circular objects at right are actually votive holders but they will be used as large outdoor planters on the roof terrace.

I am deciding whether I will do more light installations in the ceilings or start work on the foyer stairs. We’ll see!

I’ve finished the kitchen design layout but I think I’ll wait on constructing the cabinetry until I have finished the electrical and other structural work on the house, such as the stairs. The kitchen cabinetry will be made of foam core board faced with stick on veneer (like that used on the floors). The appliances will be “stainless steel”.

My sweet brother sent me a lovely Dremel moot-tool kit which has a lot of fun attachments! How lovely and thoughtful!

June 6, 2016:

Well I did get some work in on the mini house over the weekend. I spent my time connecting the LED “can” lights to the electrical tape in the house. This was very time consuming, as there are many lights in the great room.

I also “fixed” the hanging light over the area where the dining table will be. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was not super happy with part of it. I did find some aluminum tubing with a very small diameter, and figured out how to cut it without crimping the tube hole shut (use jeweler’s cutters to gently go around the tube with low pressure, and then bending the pipe so that it snaps along the indented line you’ve made). So then I ran the LED wires inside two of the tubes, and glued the bottom of the tube to the interior aluminum heavy duty wire supports of the lampshade, and then glued the tops of the two tubes together.

I’m not posting a photo of it now, as I want to do that when all the lighting is installed and the false ceiling is fastened in place.

I found a pretty cool video tutorial online of a person making a kitchen for a dollhouse. The quality was very good and watching the video was very helpful as I will need to start on the kitchen cabinetry/appliances in the not too distant future.

I also purchased some tile for the bathroom floor, decided that would work better with the thickness of the foam core board that the adjacent bedroom hardwood veneer flooring is affixed to. Also it will look more real, since it is real. It is ceramic tile, however, as they did not have a stone tile that I liked.