March 22, 2016

Tonight I worked on the electrical wiring installation. The next several posts may be mostly about this because it is a large house with a lot of lights and it will take some time, which I don’t have much of, to complete this.

I have discovered that it is quite awkward getting the electrical tape placed, because the angles are hard to reach. My mini house is rather deep, about 19 inches, so it is hard to reach towards the back of the rooms, especially on the ceilings.

The house will have a lot of can lights in the ceiling, and further there will be vanity lights in the bathroom, lamps in the bedroom and living room, pendant lights above the kitchen island, led under cabinet lighting and a chandelier in the dining area. This is why I had to get a larger transformer than the one which came with the kit I got. Not to mention extra tape and eyelets!

I am still unsure how I will make the kitchen pendant lights, because I will have to make them. I’ve looked all over the internet and there is nothing pre-made that will work for the modern style of this house. I may purchase something I can hack, or I may start from scratch. We’ll see.

Anyway, plenty of work to do!

March 16, 2016

Over the last few days I have finished the stairs mockup, made out of foam core. This was a test run before I make the stairs out of wood, to help with sizing and fitting. Here is a picture of the mockup on its side before placing it:


I glued this together and then used sewing straight pins as “nails” to hold it together.

This is what it looks like being held in place. I learned from this that a. it is going to be hard to make the stairs straight and b. as expected I am going to need to add a tread even allowing for installed flooring thickness.


Despite the fact that this is tricky, I am rather excited about it! I think it will look pretty cool once it is done!

I also worked on the electrical. Here you can see the first interior portions of the Cir-Kit electrical tape placed in the foyer:


It is to the lower left in the photo.

I’ve also gotten some adorable miniature items as follows:

Loon print songmountainart

This is a loon print from songmountainfineart on Her work is lovely! This is going above the dresser in the bedroom.

A really beautiful tiny bowl from the UK:


Also from, Madebymanos, it is thin and shapely and looks gorgeous filled with some paper flowers also from Etsy.

And here are some more beautiful miniature flowers, again – Etsy!


And the link for this store is: Carverscuttings, and they make lovely stuff.

For now, good night!

March 10, 2016:

I haven’t worked on the mini house for too long. I had a lot of things going on and didn’t feel up to it when I did have some time. So tonight was the first work in a while.

I’m pretty happy though, because I got the last window opening cut, the roof screwed on and the first piece of electrical tape fastened to the outside of the house, where the transformer will connect.

Here are the pictures:


The above photo shows the bedroom window openings, before the roof was put on.


Above is the front of the house with the roof in place. Most of the items lying in the house are parts of the electrical kit, except for the flooring package. Don’t forget, there will be a roof deck eventually.


And here’s the electrical kit, above!


Above is the first piece of electrical tape, from Cir-kit.

And I’m so excited because my wood veneer arrived! It is very thin veneer, and I am going to use it to make hardwood floor planks for my mini house. I got the idea from, so many thanks to her. I had realized the cost of hardwood flooring was going to be very high and I could not get the type of flooring I wanted. This is much cheaper. You’ll be finding out how it goes as this project moves along!

I think the electrical is going to take me some time to finish, so the next post may not be for a while. I also have to spend a lot of time studying for my Texas adjuster’s license (sigh).